Monday, 8 February 2016

Jewellery Staples

My jewellery collection mainly consists of some really pretty but rather old school 
heirlooms from my mum and some quite lovely but cheap fashion jewellery pieces. 
That´s why I was on the hunt for a beautiful piece of jewellery timelessly but still unique to a reasonable price.
 I thought it would be much harder to find something, which corresponds with my expectations 
but I ended up quite fast with a nice little selection of my favourite pieces. 
I think, all of these are real staple pieces, some more than others but it always depends on your personal style. 
Those who dress quite simple and classic, can go for example for a more eye-catching piece and 
it will still go with a lot of your clothes and can become real staples in your collection.
 Everything of my selection would blend  perfectly in my wardrobe, which is something between
 timeless and modern with a classic touch. I know, the prices can be quite deterrent for something 
so tiny but it will last you for such a long time and even perhaps your children. 
And hey, Valentine´s Day is just around the corner. Maybe your boyfriend is still without a plan, 
then just send him over to my site. Otherwise I´m sure we don´t need anybody to buy ourselves a surprise. 
I already got myself one of these pieces as the beginning of my jewellery staple collection. Guess which one!

Friday, 5 February 2016

The Little Something

A short while ago I came across these lovely brooches of the french accessory brand Macon&Lesquoy. 
I know, brooches are actually not that kind of accessory you might be looking for but as you can see, 
these ones are just beautiful and anything but old school. 
Moreover, they are hand embroidered and absolutely pretty in every detail. 
You can choose of a variety of different motifs, some more classic ones but also some funny ones.
 For me it is absolutely impossible to choose only one favourite but in the end
 I went for a more classic palm tree leaf, which I stick to my simple stripy shirt to make it a little bit more special. 
The cloud and the croissant are my other two favourites and would be my next choice. 
The prices are more than affordable for a hand embroidered piece which looks so lovely and is so versatile. 
Definitely a great discovery! You can order online on www.maconetlesquoy.com or 
Berlin based people can find a good selection at Hallesches Haus.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Heather Kemesky & Lou Schoof by Zoe Ghertner for Vogue UK January 2015

pictures via www.wearesodroee.com

A new editorial titled ´Old friends´ by my favourite photographer Zoe Ghertner is published
 in the current issue of Vogue UK and it is no surprise that I totally love it. 
I really admire her work since I discovered her, because she tells even more than just fashion 
even if it is a simple fashion story. Her pictures are not about perfect retouched faces or selling the female body. 
You can always discover more in her photographies. I feel like her latest work is quite sensitive 
like most of her works indeed. The way she creates portraits of Heather Kemesky and Lou Schoof 
even if they are not in the same picture is simply amazing. 
The motifs are carefully considered and perfectly constructed. Fashion Editor Lucinda Chambers
 also did an amazing job by styling both in very similar boyish looks. 
This underlines the story of this editorial even better and thereby differs from a lot of other fashion edits for me. 

Models Heather Kemesky & Lou Schoof / Photographer Zoe Ghertner / 
Fashion Editor Lucinda Chambers / Hair Neil Moodie / Make-up Lotten Holmqvist

Monday, 25 January 2016

Something different

picture via www.into-mind.com

It is something a little bit different to that, what I usually post on my site but 
I thought this might be quite interesting for some of you as well. 
The 30-day minimalism challenge was created by Anuschka, who runs a very inspiring blog 
called www.into-mind.com, where you can find loads of helpful articles about
 how to live a slower, simpler life with less stuff.
This challenge is just perfect to focus on the important things in life and slow down a little bit 
when everything seems to pass by too fast. I feel like I have to destress my life from social media and
 everything which can really drive me crazy sometimes, as I´m still at the beginning of my twenties and 
I want to appreciate every second of it now. Of course, you can´t do fun things every single day 24 hours 
but at least you have to try to make the best out of every minute you have. 
Sometimes I feel to be in a bit of a rush and I can´t enjoy all these great moments to the fullest. 
I really want to change this for 2016 and be more attentive and thankful for everything I have. 
This challenge could be a perfect start for this resolution. 
You can get more detailed instruction for everyday´s task by following
this link to Anuschka´s article. Aftercoping with this challenge this might be the next one?

PS: I set myself another smaller challenge to accomplish first. 
Today I´ve started my mission to make Pilates everyday (at least for 20 minutes) for one week. 
I used to love making Pilates during the summer but for some reason I stopped doing it and
 now it is really hard to come back into the flow, you know? 
I hope to become motivated again after this week, not only fitness-related.
 I hope I can do this but one week should be feasible, I think.