Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter vacations

Yay, it´s easter time and that means also some free time for me!
We are off to our families to enjoy the beautiful sun beams and calmness even if the weather is not that great.
Looking so forward to warmer days and blooming fields of flowers.
I wish you all the best and a great time within the family circle.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Time for Sweaters

For a really long time I´m searching now for a perfect casual sweater with a nice massage on the front side.
I normally own just uni-coloured sweater and a cool massage sometimes could be a good alternation.
In addition it is a practical companion during Spring time, when the weather changes from time to time.
I´m focusing on the Rika Sweater (2nd) or the Isabel Marant Sweater (3rd). Unfortunately the most expensive ones.
Maybe you have also some suggestions where to find a lower price model, 
which looks even so fantastic like my picks?

1 Rodarte / 2 Rika / 3 Isabel Marant / 4 Seek no Further / 5 BWGH

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Day Crush: Christophe Lamaire Spring/Summer 2014

I´m in love with this total white look by Christophe Lamaire.
I always plan to wear a total white look but till now I didn´t found the perfect look for me. 
The tiny belts making the simple outfit a little bit more thrilling and I simply like this understatement.
More looks from the Spting/Summer Lookbook 2014 here.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

New in: Cos Sandals

One Cos visit later I was one pair of sandals richer. 
These beauties let my heart beats faster and I couldn´t resist. Summer isn´t far away anymore and
I can´t wait wearing these super soft leather sandals for the first time.
What do you think of them?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Saskia de Brauw for Gentlewoman No.9

These Editorial called ´Monday´ is the perfect one to start into a new week.
After a quite exhausting weekend for me with a nightly visit in the ambulance and less of sleep
I´m looking forward to a better week. 
Saskia is that kind of woman I´m really admiring because of her effortless beautifulness and
her unbelievable expression eve you can see just her profile.
The series is photographed by Annemarieke Drimmelen, who makes truly great fashion series,
is a real inspiration for me.
With these words I wish you a happy monday!

Photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen / Model Saskia de Brauw

source: http://fashioncopious.typepad.com/fashioncopious/2014/02/monday-saskia-de-brauw-by-annemarieke-van-drimmelen-for-the-gentlewoman-no9-ss-2014-editorial.html

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Weekend Inspiration

I´m dreaming of such a leisure sweater with a letter or word on it like this one in the picture.
I´m searching and searching but I don´t make a find yet. 
Maybe you have a insider tip where I can find a pretty one?

source: http://colinleaman.tumblr.com/post/79219232512/crista-cober-for-urban-outfitters-fashion-by

Friday, 11 April 2014

Day Crush: Love Life Sneakers by Céline

Some of you might think I get paid for all the posts featuring Céline but I can admit, that is not the case.
I simply in love with their stuff and the fact, that I can´t afford any of their pieces at the moment or
at least has to save money for a very long time for one of their pieces makes the brand all the more interesting for me.
To cut a long story short I love the sneakers and the massage ´Love Life´ above all.
That´s my devise for today and should last forever.