Friday, 31 July 2015

Julia Bergshoeff by Lachlan Bailey for Industrie Magazine

The Isabel Marant Étoile Sweater expresses where my mind
 currently is - faraway, making plans for the coming weekend. 
This editorial shot by Lechlan Bailey makes the last hours untill the weekend
 a little bit more bearable. Sometimes it doesn´t need a 
fancy location for making great pictures, sometimes it just needs a good 
model like Julia Bergshoeff and a great stylist like Geraldine Saglio to be a source of inspiration.

Model Julia Bergshoeff / Photographer Lechlan Bailey / Styling Geraldine Saglio / 
Hair Christian Eberhard / Make-up Sally Branka

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Céline Fall 2015

The new Céline campaign pictures for Fall 2015 are finally out 
and guess who got the job again? Exactly, Jürgen Teller again 
had the privilege to shoot the iconic campaign pictures in tried and tested Jürgen Teller way.
This time rising new models like Carly Lios Agnes, Lisa Helene Kramer, Irina Djuranovic,
 Frederikke Sofie Falbe-Hansen and Karly Loyce are the faces of season and 
cut quite a figur in the upcoming Autumn/Winter designs.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Perfect Pair

In view of the current temperature variation today a perfect pair for colder summer days. 
Both pieces can be found this way or in a similar way in my wardrobe.
 Actually they are my staples for Autumn season but 
in combination with shorts or skirts they are just right for this weather as well.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Wishful Thinking

I can´t believe that I´ve moved to my apartment over a year ago and 
some corners are still not finished yet. But I geuess you know this situation 
and probably you´ll never get finished. 
For some inspiration I did virtual window shopping yesterday and discovered 
loads of pretty little things, which would be really welcome to move in:

Thursday, 23 July 2015

New in

This is exactly what happens when you think you´re perfectly happy 
with your wardrobe and you think it probably needs nothing more to add. 
A perfect sized, taupe coloured, minimalistic suede dream comes across my way  and won´t 
go out of my mind. Admittedly I haven´t got lots of bags and especially no comparable one.
 That´s why this purchase is totally justified in my view. 
Would you´ve been able to resist?

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Karolin Wolter by Zoe Ghertner for Vogue UK Augut 2015

My latest crush photography-wise is this talented woman who captured this insightful story above.
Zoe Ghertner photographs are sensitive and compelling.
 Definitely a name to memorise. Luxury brrand like Céline, Hèrmes, Dior and Chanel 
are among her client base. She has a really unique perspective of capturing things. 
I really enjoy her work and also this new story for Vogue UK featuring model Karolin Wolter. 
If you want to see more of Zoe Ghertner´s work visit her website www.zoeghertner.com 
but you probably know her pictures already from several campaigns.

Model Karolin Wolter / Photographer Zoe Ghertner / 
Styling Lucinda Chambers / Hair Duffy / Make-up Sarai Fiszel

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My Current Uniform

This look is my answer to the currently unpredictable weather situation. 
A good mixture of light summery pieces and warming Autumn/Spring pieces, 
which can be used if necessary.  My current uniform consists of cropped 
tailored cigarette trousers and casual light tank tops on top. 
Along with it a pair of slippers or sandals for the summery touch and 
a scarf and hat for the warming part.  Completed with some timeless accessories and 
I´m ready to go whether it will be 30 degrees or just 22.