Friday, 31 October 2014

What I would like wearing today

Currently I´m sick, spending my days in bed.
The only positive thing, which that brings along, I have some time
to browse through the web and discover pretty things online. 
My today´s selection is a perfect working day outfit in my view. 
Suiting to the autumnally weather consisting of casual elements paired with some more elegant pieces.
I´d love to wear this look todays, if I wear not sick.

Sweater Acne / Skirt Topshop / Blouse Cos / Scarf Cos / Boots Acne / Bag Cos

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Crista Cober By Laurence Ellis For L'officiel Paris October 2014

Coziness in perfection. This edotorial is a great guideline how to dress pretty and comfortable in winter and autumn time. 
I really admire the work of Stylist Anne Sophie Thomas, who made this fantastic choice and styling of those pieces. 
It is, obviously, all about knit and layering! Model Crista Cober seems to be made for these looks. 
Not to mention the way to capture these moments of photographer Laurence Ellis. 
Another editorial, which is full of inspirations!

Model Crista Cober / Photographer Laurence Ellis / Stylist Anne Sophie Thomas /
 Hair Helene Bidard / Make-up Anthony Preel

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day Crush

I know that the trend of Adidas Superstar is not longer really new for you. Like often, 
I´m scapetical at the beginning and than fell totally in love with it. Same with these Adidas Originals sneaker. 
Now, I decided to buy a pair of them but could not really decide whether to go for 
the classic white ones with black stripes or the all black version. 
It´s such a hard decision!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Acne Studios launched Underwear Collection

pictures via style.com

Since lately it´s established that the Scandinavian brand Acne Studios
 launched its first pieces of underwear in habitual minimalistic designs as we know from Acne. 
A classic design paired with an Acne lettering semmes to be promising,
 remembering the success story of Calvin Klein and Huge Boss underwear. Different to them , briefs are
 only available in a shade of nude, two models for women, four for men plus undershirts, 
that´s all until now. 
You can get the line directly on acnestudios.com.

Monday, 27 October 2014

An eye for details

I really fall in love with this detail shots from the latest Cos campaign.
Details always fascinates me, I like to look at something really close with all its small structures.
These pictures corresponds really my way of looking at things.
A great work which it needs to be shared. I mean not only the photographs but also the design of the clothes. 
Cos you did well again!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day Crush: Beauty

I discovered the botanical beauty brand Grown Alchemist some time ago in a shop and get really curious 
because of the pretty design of the packaging. That´s why I began to inform myself 
of the philosophy behind the brand and was even more interested in this natural beauty brand. 
Read the philosophy here. I fall in love with these small line for oily skin, 
consisting of facial cleanser, facial toner and facial mask, 
and need to get my hands on them very soon. 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Andreea Diaconu by Gregory Harris for Vogue Paris October 2014

Sorry for my editorial spam but there is another really good one featuring  Andreea Diaconu.
I love those shots from her in this quite unconventional way, which is not that usual for fashion editorials.
The series has a dreamy atmosphere with some exceeding moments and really beautiful black and white tones.
Great perspecitives captured by photographer Gregory Harris!

Photographer Gregory Harris / Model Andreea Diaconu / Styling Veronique Didry /
 Hair James Rowe / Make up Lisa Houghton